Libera Dreams Competition Christmas 2013

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Libera Dreams Competition Christmas 2013

Post by paul » 4 years ago

Libera Dreams Christmas Competition 2013
We are pleased to announce that this years competition is now open.

The Rules!
The competition comprises of 2 parts, first you will have to identify 15 songs from the Video captures, Secondly, you will have to identify 15 concert venues from the pictures.

All members are welcome to enter the competition regardless of their age. However, members under the age of 18 must ask their parent or guardian for permission to enter.

Only one entry per member is permitted - no opening of multiple accounts (play nicely :P :lol: :mrgreen: )

The competition will be open from 23th December 2013 and will close on 15th January 2014. Any entries received after 12.00am (UK time) on 16th January 2014 will not be accepted.

The winners will be announced on the forum and any other social media that the Libera Dreams Admins consider to be appropriate. Only the forum winners Libera Dreams user name will be publicized.

No contact details other than your Libera Dreams user name will be required when you enter the competition. Winners will be contacted by Direct Message via the forum by one of the Site Admins and will be requested to provide a contact address to post the prize to. Your personal details will not be revealed on the forum or to any other members.

The decision of the competition organisers is final. Legal recourse is excluded and with participation in the competition, the rules of the competition are accepted.

All entries must be submitted by personal message. Please send with the subject line: "Libera dreams competition entry" to paul30003 and Yorkie so we can both mark and validate the entry.

Identify the songs and concert venues...

[BBvideo 700,500][/BBvideo]

I have made things a little easier as well by publishing the competition pictures into a gallery.

They are available here:

Video captures

Concert Venues

Good luck and Merry Christmas


Libera Dreams
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