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Re: Edit Restriction ??

Post by fan_de_LoK » 4 years ago

kay wrote:hi, I have no axe to grind either way over this, just wanted to ask how many want to edit their posts?
It's not a question of wanting now to edit something in a specific message, is more a matter of principle.
I write texts here, I need to be free to change anything I want in my own texts, at any moment.
It could be to replace a dead link, to correct an erroneous thing, or because I changed my mind on something and I want to moderate or change some words... but I'm no more allowed to edit my own texts !

it's so utter disrespectful and rude, I'm still amazed by this decision... :?

Beyond this edit issue, it's more the governance method used from months on the forum that annoys me the most.
it's not the first time that an important important change is made on the forum without any discussion with the members, and its almost always goes to a restriction direction.

I think we are a community, our advices should be taken in account and we should be respected.
I don't feel respected when I'm just good to undergo decisions restricting my previous rights, without having my point of view asked, without having even been warned before.

This sure will not kill the forum, it's jut another thing that kills my pleasure to come on this forum, despite being one of the oldest active member.
Anyway, nobody is irreplaceable, no one will notice if my posting on the forum will tend towards zero and I can live without using LD, so : :lol: !!!

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