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Libera Members Time Line

Post by Dinedorelle » 2 years ago

I was wondering whether anybody within the Forum has details of a complete list of the Libera singers?
I dont mean the recent singers, but the choir members that were part of The St Philip's Church Choir in the early 80's, then afterwards when they changed to Angel Voices.
I thought it would be an interesting (and incredibly difficult task) to try and name every member since they started in 1984.
The information is everywhere on the net - there are forums and blogs but I've not found a detailed list anywhere. I guess I could call the church but that wouldnt be so much fun!
It just needed gathering and making sense of, so I've an interesting timeline from their conception until now with 152 names so far. Its all on an Excel spreadsheet so I can overlap the years/career length of each singer.

If anyone could help fill in the gaps so we can compile a complete list, I'd be willing to share it here.
The more recent boys aren't a problem as its so well documented, it's the guys who are 40 odd now, and were members in the early 80's and 90's.

Anyone like to help? :?

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