Three former Libera members contribute to new German CD

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Three former Libera members contribute to new German CD

Post by PaulWSpaceRockDodger » 3 years ago

Three former Libera members have made an interesting contribution to a recent (2014) Deutsche Grammophon CD entitled "Die Chorjungen" ("The Choirboys"). The CD features three boy sopranos from Germany's Augsburger Domsingknaben who sing 14 songs, four of which are accompanied by an English male choir assembled for the recording of the CD in Germany and the UK. In the CD's information booklet (such booklets are one of the reasons why I still like CDs!), Sam Coates is listed as the "vocal contractor", which perhaps means that he was the one responsible for assembling the English choir to accompany the Augsburger boys. The list of the choir members includes three former Libera members: Steven Geraghty (alto), Ben Crawley (tenor), and Sam Coates (bass). Another example of Libera "graduates" making use of their musical talents!

For more information about this CD, see

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