New UK Concert 23 April 2016 at Romsey Abbey

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Re: New UK Concert 23 April 2016

Post by Surpinto » 1 year ago

Today Libera tweeted out behind the scenes photos from Romsey.




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Re: New UK Concert 23 April 2016

Post by TimS_TheToolman » 1 year ago

I come to this conversation really late. I was looking at the pictures from this concert shortly after they were posted on the various social media forums, and, I thought I spotted one boy in socks. After having spotted a Lad at the Suwon concert in Korea, whom as John45 said "shall remain nameless," I was curious about the next concert. Well, I have gone back again and looked at other pics posted here and I do believer I spotted a second unshod chorister. I mention this now because at first I was not sure I was seeing socks. After reading through the reviews in this thread, my question has been answered. It looks like this is a common trend, something to be expected with boys in this age group. It may be unfortunate for the forgetful youngster but at the same time, it adds a certain unpolished and entertaining view that re-enforces the fact that they are just normal boys. :)

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Re: New UK Concert 23 April 2016

Post by fan_de_LoK » 11 months ago

Is this photo a new one ?
I don't remember to have seen it before.

(click to enlarge)

Courtesy of the 'Friends of Romsey Abbey' Website :)

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