Collaboration with Mao Asada

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Re: Collaboration with Mao Asada

Post by Robolib7 » 1 year ago

alcesalcesobservator wrote:
Robolib7 wrote:Thanks for posting this.
Guess the white robes won't keep you very warm in a cold arena!
I don't know why they couldn't wear something warm underneath their robes.
Since it was during the rehearsals that they all answered "yes" when asked whether they were freezing, maybe they did wear something a little warmer during the live performance. Or maybe the arena warms up a little with a crowd in the building.

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Re: Collaboration with Mao Asada

Post by paul » 1 year ago

fan_de_LoK wrote:A Japanese fan uploaded the whole unedited 43 minutes show in good quality :)

The video doesn't allow to be embedded, so click the link and watch it on Youtube.

Libera is concerned a bit at 15'10'', then from 23'40'' to 27'00'' and from 31'30'' to 36'15''.
Thank you Patrick, I was so mesmerized by the skating, I watch all 43 minutes. Now I am very keen to learn Japanese so I can understand it. :D
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Re: Collaboration with Mao Asada

Post by alcesalcesobservator » 1 year ago

Surpinto wrote:The cover for the new mini-CD has been announced.

Beautiful! I think that is one of my favourites. I'm excited to hear it!

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Re: Collaboration with Mao Asada

Post by Surpinto » 1 year ago

Cool! Thanks for sharing. :D Looks like the small group enjoyed its time.

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