New radio interview

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New radio interview

Post by Yorkie » 2 years ago

Superfan and resident Libera media watchdog JimmyRiddle has done it again and tracked down a recent radio appearance by Cassius, Alessandro & Isaac ... um=twitter
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Re: New radio interview

Post by JimmyRiddle » 2 years ago

Thanks Yorkie, I was just about to post it, but you beat me to it ;)

I think the 3 boys were in a london BBC studio and were interviewed from there by various local radio stations - I haven't checked them all and might not have time to, but they were also interviewed on BBC Radio Oxford (this was the one tagged in the program description which is why it was easier to come across) starts at 01:39:40. It's much of the same really, so I cherry picked the Solent interview.

There is many to check and it might be spread over a few weeks like last year.

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Re: New radio interview

Post by Surpinto » 2 years ago

Thank you, Jimmy, nice interview! :D :D

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