Libera Special Concert Universal Studios (Japan) 5th Aug 15

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Re: Libera Special Concert Universal Studios (Japan) 5th Aug

Post by alcesalcesobservator » 2 years ago

fan_de_LoK wrote:Well, difficult to answer...
I need to re-hear it.
Only one play is not enough, but so far I'm not that much enthusiastic.

When I heard it my feeling was that is was a rework of 'Song of Life', something new without changes.
A slow song, fitting well the credits of a romantic TV serie.
I doubt I will find myself humming it in the street, unlike other songs.

A same group of three notes came several times and, to my memory, these notes are already present in Song of Life, creating an unavoidable reference.

Without offense to the great singing skills of Isaac on this song, the tune didn't marked me a lot and the only novelty of that song for me was the use of the tubular bell by Matthew :mrgreen:

Again, forgive me saying this, I only heard the song once and possibly I will change my mind when there will be a record available :)
Hum. So a well executed but an unremarkably written song. What was the audience response?

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Re: Libera Special Concert Universal Studios (Japan) 5th Aug

Post by CONTEMPLATOR » 2 years ago

Do you will allow me to warm up here to the hot flame of your love to the Libera?Image
I'm very envious of your opportunity to be beside boys, talk to them, to shake the hand them! Image
Can I to send through you, my gift for the Thomas and Isaac? Image
I wouldn't mind to play the tubular bell instead of the percussionist for future concerts... Image
I will read your response with big joy. Image

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Re: Libera Special Concert Universal Studios (Japan) 5th Aug

Post by maartendas » 2 years ago

fan_de_LoK wrote:
maartendas wrote:I wonder who that is - Matthew J?
Yes he is.
He banged on a tubular bell three times as introduction of the new song 'Angel', and he did the same as final after the last notes were played.

He walked a few meters aside the stage for this.
It was a bit surprising to see one of the boy involved with an instrument for a song, it's unusual.

Likely the tubular bell will be played by the percussionist for futur concerts. There was none in Osaka.
That's pretty neat that they did that. He probably plays some kind of percussion himself then, I guess.
Nice to find this out just as I started my percussion lessons again this week (after summer holiday) 8)
Cantate caeli chorus angelorum

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