Guildford 2015

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Re: Guildford 2015

Post by muffin818 » 2 years ago

This was my first concert and it more than exceeded all my expectations! I think I must have been close to tears in every song. The whole atmosphere with the acoustics and the lighting was perfect. We were lucky enough to have seats near the front so we had a good view - and it meant Steven Geraghty kept walking past us!

Isaac was poised and beautiful as always and I especially enjoyed The Prayer and Danny Boy. I don't know how he manages to sing kneeling down! But the star of the show, in my opinion, was Tom Delgado-Little. I was a bit worried at first that he wouldn't get a solo but then he stepped forward for Morning Has Broken and he completely blew me away. His voice is so pure. My favourites of the night were Dreaming of Home and O For The Wings of a Dove, which he sang all by himself and made it sound easy. To be honest, I could quite happily listen to a concert with just Isaac and Tom!

Other stand out soloists were Alessandro, who did a wonderful job in Wayfaring Stranger (I guess Sam's voice is starting to break because he seemed to be at the back) and I really loved Lucas's voice in How Shall I Sing That Majesty. Hopefully he will get more solos in future concerts. Camden was also a lovely surprise, giving a beautiful rendition of Lullabye.

I just have to mention little Taichi as well who was absolutely adorable and got applauded every time he spoke. It was lovely to see him beaming the whole way through. He just seemed thoroughly happy to be there.

Thank you Libera for an amazing evening and I will be waiting impatiently for the next concert!
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Re: Guildford 2015

Post by alcesalcesobservator » 2 years ago

It sounds like a great concert! I wish I could hear "Dreaming of Home" , it's a lovely song. Thanks muffin818!

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Re: Guildford 2015

Post by Sanctus » 2 years ago

I am rather busy at the moment but I will gradually post and write reviews over the course of the next few weeks. First I will go over each individual chorister as I believe they were all brilliant and deserve a mention.
Part 1:
Adam Izghouti : very promising and has done well to go on a tour so early :)
Matthew Jansen: so glad that there were some older members tonight and that matthew was able to provide a richer sound by the lower harmonies.
Timothy Lee: Also looked promising and connected to the music. Quite a smiley boy and I caught him doing some of the high notes in SOL, joyful joyful and the prayer. Would like to hear his voice considering he is in another choir aswell.
Isaac London: what can I say? Isaac is truly at the top of his game and his voice had an even nicer tone to it. I believe him to be one of the best soloists and his voice is so peaceful and relaxing.
Matthew Madine: provided a great supporting role and is soo tall :) !! another Ben c
Alessandro MacKinnon-Botti: another amazing soloist. I really love Alessandro's voice and seems to have gained many solos all at once ! I think he was doing some lower parts and so must have a great vocal range.

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Re: Guildford 2015

Post by Surpinto » 2 years ago

Thanks for the reviews! It sounds like this show was a good one and that the highlights were of particular note. It makes me happy to read that :D
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Re: Guildford 2015

Post by tom413 » 2 years ago

Cheers to those who offered their thoughts on the Guildford show. Although it appears to be the same show (less America the Beautiful)
that I got to see last month, every concert is special because the performances given are unique to that show.
I never get tired of reading opinions on how well Libera and its individual members performed and what people thought
of their concert experience!

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Re: Guildford 2015

Post by dani » 2 years ago

It was wonderful to see "I'm dreaming of home" back on the set list as it was my one disappointment with the last dvd that it had been omitted from the set list as Tom high notes are so pure.

I am not a fan of Danny Boy but Isaac was fantastic on it and the fact I think so little of the song and was blown away by his performance sums up how good his vocals were on the song . Wonderfully backed up by 3-4 other boys as well .

Wayfaring Stranger , The Prayer , O for the wings of a dove was other highlights for me on the night .

It is noticeable a very younge group again but all was good on the night and it was a enjoyable concert .

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Re: Guildford 2015

Post by Yorkie » 2 years ago

Just for the record I'll post the line up & set list (courtesy of the stirling work of Lauren on the mini-angels blog - please check it out as she has lots of photos too).

1. Marc Alvares
2. Shay Balsekar
3. Leo Barron*
4. Emanuele Borrelli*
5. Ciaran Bradbury-Hickey
6. Merlin Brouwer
7. Benedict Bywater
8. Gabriel Collins
9. Tom Cooper*
10. Thomas Delgado-Little
11. Tadhg Fitzgerald*
12. Alex Gula
13. Adam Izghouti
14. Matthew Jansen
15. Timothy Lee
16. Isaac London
17. Matthew Madine
18. Alessandro MacKinnon-Botti
19. James Menezes
20. Michael Menezes
21. Alex Montoro
22. Oliver Mycka*
23. Cassius O'Connell-White
24. Taichi Shinokubo
25. Camden Stewart
26. Rocco Tesei
27. Mark Ustynovych-Repa
28. Joseph Walshe
29. Sam Wiggin
30. Finn Wood*
31. Lucas Wood


1. Joyful, Joyful
2. Sanctus
3. Amazing Grace
4. Voca Me
5. The Prayer
6. How Can I Keep From Singing
7. Lullaby (not listed on program)
8. Salva Me
9. Morning Has Broken
10. Danny Boy (not listed on program)
11. Exultate
12. Always With You
13. Orinoco Flow
14. How Great Thou Art
15. Dreaming of Home
16. O For the Wings of a Dove
17. Song of Life
18. Wayfaring Stranger
19. How Shall I Sing That Majesty

Encore - What a Wonderful World
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Re: Guildford 2015

Post by Choirfan » 2 years ago

What can i say, it was certainly worth the 18 month wait to see Libera again in top form.

The highlight for me was without a doubt Voca Me, I was blown away by the power of that song and to hear it live is an experience to savour. Also loved 'The Prayer' which i heard for the first time live.

Just as a side, former member of Libera Micahel U-R was in the audience with his parents to support his younger brother Mark, and did a little impromptu signing and photo session at the end! He is such a polite and obliging kid and a delight to talk to (brief as it was, one can never be sure if it's the 'appropriate' thing to engage any of the members or former members like that when they are 'off duty'). His mother was also lovely to talk to.

Anyhow, a 5 star event and I can't wait for the next Bristish (or Irish) show! :D
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Re: Guildford 2015

Post by JimmyRiddle » 2 years ago

Thanks for the reviews everyone - good to hear 'Dreaming of Home' made a welcome return. I had the pleasure of hearing it at St. George's a few years ago, and it's definitely one I would like to see make it on their next album release. Lots of new names too; Libera is evolving again. The newbies from 2011 now frontline veterans. They've certainly made their mark on the libera timeline over the past 4yrs. Two DVD's (Armagh & Washington) and very capable soloists singing new arrangements and reinforcing the special harmonies we come to expect from Libera.
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