Smiling and Happy

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Smiling and Happy

Post by kay » 5 years ago

Watching the boys on video I thought, for the millionth time, just how happy 'our boys' seem. I've seen other choirs and sometimes they look as if they are going to face a firing squad after their performance. No such thing with Libera. Their smiles reach their eyes. Not for them, what Merle Haggard sang 'an Instamatic grin' one that fades as soon as the camera's off. I don't think I've seen Josh without his smile and that goes for, I think, all of the boys. As for happy, when they give interviews they are relaxed. Example: Isaac making hand signals behind Kavana, who is giving an interview. Any other kids would have been furious, but Kavana is a Libera boy, so he simply says, "He's cheeky," then pulls him to the front and says, "Smile."
This post isn't intended to 'prove' anything, just to say how their infectious good humor lifts me,and I hope you all too. And long may it continue.
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